Hello Members,

I am delighted to announce tonight a brand new program: IMCA Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors will be very knowledgeable people, and also very diplomatic.
Ideally they will be able to help collectors with all aspects of our favorite hobby, from recognizing meteorites, to explaining to some Ebay sellers why their "meteor-rites" are "meteor-wrongs".

Since this is a brand new program, it will certainly evolve as new problems come up, and Ambassadors might help in many different ways, but their mission will always be to help, while still adhering to the Association's Code of Ethics and ByLaws. You will probably understand better what this program is when I tell you who our first 2 Ambassadors are: Ken Newton, and Rob McCafferty.

Obviously, I don't need to introduce Ken Newton, he is our best and most diplomatic weapon against the Ebay fakes. And Rob started by volunteering to help Ken. That should tell you something about him. Congratulations to both of them.

Is the program open to everyone? Yes, it is. But please remember that IMCA Ambassadors must be very knowledgeable and very willing and able to handle a lot of different problems, while keeping in mind the IMCA goals and standards. And I am sure they will find themselves very busy with emails and discussions in no time. If you are interested, please email me privately, and we will discuss it with the Board.

As usual, all comments are very welcome.
Thanks you for your continued support.

Anne M. Black
President, I.M.C.A. Inc. (2007)

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