We are an international group of meteorite collectors consisting of amateurs and professionals from forty-five countries. Our mission can be summed up in one word,


If members wish to sell or trade meteoritic specimens, those items must be ‘actually and exactly what is claimed’ (Merriam-Webster-Dictionary). Our members adhere to the highest standards of meteorite identification and proper labeling practices. The membership maintains this high standard by monitoring each other’s activities for accuracy. It is every IMCA member’s responsibility and pleasure to offer help and assistance to fellow members to ensure specimens are genuine. A dignified and private ‘forum’ (mailing list) is provided for members to ask questions and engage in discussions.

Non-members also benefit from our expertise. Meteorite identification assistance is offered to new eBay sellers and persons writing the Association. Meteorite education is promoted via the website and volunteer speakers (list -> coming soon).

Who can join?

Persons dedicated to honest business practices! Regular Membership requires modest dues and includes all the privileges of membership (voting, use of IMCA member logos, potential office or committee position, & more). Please see the Join IMCA-Page for more information.

If a serious complaint against a member arises and cannot be resolved one-on-one, the difficulty can be reported (see complaints section).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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