IMPORTANT NOTICE: The new member logos (yes, brand-new ones!) are now available via our member’s Profile Pages. Please download the new logos as soon as possible, and use these instead of the old ones. Thanks!

To download your own customized IMCA Member Logos, go to Member Profile

Click the “Edit” button to the upper left of your Profile page, and choose “Update Your Profile”. Click on the third tab, “Member Logo” to access your personal customized logos, and right-click on them to load them down to your computer. Then click on “Cancel” to get back to your Profile page. (We had to “hide” the member logos here to prevent any unauthorized access, and use – only you have access to your logos!)

There are two types of IMCA Member Logos. The small one is for your eBay auctions, and the other one is for everything else, e.g., for your website.

This is the small logo that can be used in your eBay auctions. It fits within eBay’s size constraints and has the IMCA name as well as your member number on it. When using this logo we ask you to link it to our website at as well as to have the text “INTERNATIONAL METEORITE COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION * Authenticity GUARANTEED * Click the image” below the logo.

To include your logo in your eBay auction save your logo to your own webserver. (If you don’t have your own website, there are free services on the web that will host logos, pictures, and videos for you.) After that, cut and paste the following HTML coding into your eBay auction and change the YOUR LOGO LOCATION GOES HERE to the web address where your image is stored.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><div align=”center”><img src=”YOUR LOGO LOCATION GOES HERE” border=”0″ width=”88″ height=”33″ alt=””></div></a>
<DIV><FONT size=1>Authenticity GUARANTEED * Click the image</FONT></DIV></div>

An example
of how it should look when applied correctly:


Below is the standard IMCA Member Logo. It has our
name and URL on it, as well as your member number. If you use it on your website we ask you to link it to

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