Dear IMCA Members,

Finally, we have a new mailing list up and running. We have moved the list over to a new server and are now running the current version of Mailman that will provide good service.  This will provide everyone with a reliable way to communicate with fellow members.

Like the good old Meteorite Central Mailing List, the new IMCA Mailing List is operating with Mailman, and many of you will be familiar with the functions of such a list. Posting is rather simple – just write an email to:

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

That’s it. Of course, you will have to use the email address that is registered with us (the very address that just received this post).

If you need to change or update your email address with us, please DO NOT use the Mailman interface. Please go to our homepage, login to our members area, go to your Profile Page, and update your email address.
The backend of our website and our new mailing list are connected via an interface, so your email address will automatically be updated on our mailing list. This makes things easier for you and for us.

If you want to edit your mailing list subscription options, go to:

Type in your email address, and your list password (which was sent to you, a few days ago – if you can’t find that email, and your list password, there’s a password retrieval button down below the options login page). Once logged in, you may change your list password and subscription settings.
We urge you not to unsubscribe, or to deactivate your subscription, although you have these options – you might be missing some essential notes from the IMCA Board of Directors, and emails by our Members.

We also have a list archive, but that archive isn’t accessible to the public. It’s a private archive, and you may log in to our archive at:

If you have any questions regarding our new IMCA Mailing List, please let us know.

We also would like to invite you to use this list for meteorite and IMCA-related discussions, and posts. However, please DO NOT post any sales links or ads over here – there are other lists and places for this kind of message.
Be polite, and professional all the time, and we will all get along very well – at least most of the time.

So, welcome to your new Mailing List

Best Regards,
Bob Falls
President IMCA Inc.

©2024 IMCA. All rights reserved.  


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