We think meteorites are among the most fascinating objects on Earth. They have the ability to inspire people to think beyond themselves and our planet. We invite you to learn more about these interesting messengers from space!

The Allure of the Meteorite:

Imagine walking at night, enjoying the cool night air with nothing particular on your mind. Other than the occasional owl or cricket, you are alone with your thoughts. Suddenly, you notice that the surroundings have become much brighter and you look toward the sky. You can’t help but notice the streak of bright light making its way across the sky at what seems to be tremendous speed! The light becomes so bright your body casts a shadow and it seems as though the sun might break across the horizon at any moment. The owl and cricket fall silent. You stand speechless and follow the streak of light toward the far horizon where it meets with the land and disappears. It is only then that you notice the smoke train left in the sky after the flash of light and what sounds like hissing from a gigantic electric power line. You wonder to yourself, “What was that?” but before you can answer, a sonic boom hits you squarely and you instinctively recoil, only to be followed by another, softer boom. You look back to where the meteor disappeared at the horizon and other thoughts race through your mind, “Where did it come from? What exactly was it? How long has it been traveling?” and the final question, “I wonder if it hit?”
That is the allure of the meteorite.

I.M.C.A. wishes to thank Dr. Walter Branch for his intellectual contribution.

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