I.M.C.A. is all about honest business practices. If members wish to sell or trade meteoritic specimens, those items must be exactly what is claimed. Unclassified ‘meteorites’ purchased on Ebay from unknown sellers might not be meteorites. Please do not sell or trade any meteorites you may have found (or any questionable meteoritic material) unless it has been verified by a meteorite expert. If your customer expresses dissatisfaction with a transaction, it is good business to give the customer an exchange or refund. Any member accused of fraudulent practices or ignoring legitimate customer complaints will subject their membership to a ‘review’. (Please read IMCA Code of Ethics , ByLaws and Complaints section before continuing).

New members will automatically be placed on I.M.C.A.’s official mailing list or ‘forum’. The purpose of the mailing list is for meteoritic discussions, I.M.C.A. business, and fraudulent auction alerts. If you would like to post anything meteorite-related (discoveries, questions, good-natured debate), you are welcome to do so. Please, DO NOT post any sales or ‘flames’ to this list. There are plenty of other lists for those purposes.

All Members are issued logos. Only Members will be able to use their logos or refer to I.M.C.A. in their ads. (Your acceptance letter will have more dues and logos information). The Membership requires modest dues (currently $20 per year) and includes all the privileges: access to our Members Area, voting, the use of logos, eligibility for office, committee, and director positions, and any future participating vendor discounts. Only Members will be able to use their logos or refer to I.M.C.A. in their ads.

IMCA Memberships are assigned to individuals (NOT businesses) on a one-member-per-number basis so that responsibility is linked to a specific person, not a general business concern. All members may be found on the IMCA Member List. IMCA Memberships are nontransferable. If a member’s business is sold, the new owner may apply for membership if not already a member. The new owner may NOT use the previous owner’s number.

REQUIRED – Please read the following before proceeding as your application will not be considered if this requirement is not met first:

You will need the recommendations of two IMCA members for your application to be considered for approval. Please contact your two IMCA members and ask them if they are willing to submit a recommendation for you. These recommendations can be sent via email to recommend@imca.cc. Also, please ask your recommending members to notify you once they have submitted your recommendation.  When you have received confirmation that both recommendations have been submitted please complete and submit the Members Application form. Please note that you should allow up to 3-4 weeks for the application to be reviewed and processed. Any membership application received without the two required recommendations on file will be returned. Thank you.

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